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Flight 93

Flight 93 crash site

Flight 93 impact crater

Flight 93 is the one that went down in Pennsylvania while en route towards Washington DC, presumably to attack the Capitol or the White House. The official story has heroic passengers storming the cockpit, either taking control and crashing the plane themselves or disrupting the hijackers enough to make them crash the plane before the mission could be accomplished.

Some evidence suggests the plane was actually shot down, raising several questions, including:

Why wouldn't the military admit it and take credit for the only defensive success of the day? Yes, it would mean admitting the cold decision to kill innocent civilians, but surely the American public would forgive that since these people were clearly doomed anyway. Most people would probably say hey, they did what they had to do, and saved other lives in the process.

The larger question would be why they did it. Was it because the passengers did not have control of the plane? Because the government didn't know they had control of the plane? Or was it because the government did know they had control, and couldn't risk having the plane land safely because of all the questions that would be asked -- and answered?


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