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Debris trail


Parts of Flight 93 were scattered along about an eight mile trail from the impact crater. One witness described seeing "a cloud of confetti-like debris descend on the lake and nearby farms" after hearing an explosion.

Source: Griffin, p. 52.


You'd think if it was crashed on purpose or accidentally by the passengers, or by hijackers who were about to lose control, it would fly down in one piece. But it lost bits and pieces for at least eight miles on the way down. To me, that sounds a lot like "shot down" and is rather suspicious. What's not clear to me is the significance of it. If they shot it down to stop it from hitting the White House but they didn't want to spoil the hero story, well, fair enough really. If they shot it down to prevent it from being landed safely by the passengers (there was at least one qualified pilot among them), thereby creating unwanted witnesses to some sort of unimaginable dirty secret, then that's not so great.

Still, one way or another, it sounds like it was shot down, and the government says it wasn't, so it sounds like a lie, and it's still rather suspicious for that reason alone.

Bottom line, me, I give it:

rather suspiciousrather suspiciousrather suspicious


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