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BBC clairvoyance


BBC clairvoyance

BBC clairvoyance

The BBC actually broadcast the news of the collapse of Building 7 some 20 minutes before it happened. The building can be seen in the background while the reporter speaks. Now that's what I call a scoop.

Source: For example: www.wtc7.net/bbc.html


Well, I don't know. Obviously it's weird. But I think it's also obvious it wasn't some sort of script the BBC anchor was given by some shady dude in dark glasses who forgot to tell her to wait until 5:25. I mean, it's just implausible that the government would plant such scripts when they didn't need to; it would get reported anyway, right? So it's all risk, no reward. It makes no sense.

What does make sense is that there was a lot of advance buzz about the building coming down, and BBC picked up on it. Either the buzz was because the building was obviously on its last legs, teetering and tottering and half destroyed, or it was because word got out as they were getting firemen out of the way that the thing was going to be demolished.

For me, if it was badly damaged enough to make it collapse, there's no way it was that badly damaged in a totally symmetrical fashion. There's no way it would have collapsed all at once, with utter suddenness, at free-fall speed, into its own footprint. I just don't buy it. Therefore, foreknowledge in this case means intentional demolition. Now, it's possible that the BBC just plain goofed. Said something crazy wrong, out of the blue, that crazily turned true 20 minutes later. But me, this is evidence of foreknowledge, ergo demolition, ergo rather suspicious.

Bottom line, me, I give it:

rather suspiciousrather suspiciousrather suspicious


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