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Bush's behavior on September 11


Bush's lack of concern for his personal safety on September 11 may indicate he already knew what the targets were and that he wasn't one of them.

After he gets the news about the attack, Bush finishes his chat with the children, leaving at 9:16, approximately 13 minutes after the second plane hits the South Tower. The Secret Service allows this, despite what would seem to be a pretty big threat to the President's safety. Especially odd that when they do leave they follow the planned route on the ground, and take Air Force One without a military jet escort, despite knowing that White House security codes had been compromised and that Air Force One had been directly threatened.

Source: Marrs p.12


You would think that the President would be getting whisked away and protected when the nation was under direct attack, so this reaction does seem strangely placid -- as if the news was more confirming a planned event than revealing a big surprise. But that's all conjecture based on general paranoia, really, so I can't say it's more than somewhat suspicious. But I do think it's a bit weird.

Bottom line, me, I give it:

somewhat suspicioussomewhat suspicious


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