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Flight schools not investigated


Two flight schools at Venice Airport in Florida taught three of the four accused hijacker pilots to fly. These schools were both bought by Dutch nationals shortly before terrorists started showing up in droves, apparently. But these flight schools haven't been investigated, apparently.

Source: Marrs, p. 23, relying on the work of journalist Daniel Hopsicker


Dutch nationals??? Well say no more, that seals it for me!!

Just kidding. Well, it does sound like the flight schools should be investigated, but I'm suspicious of claims like "terrorists began arriving in numbers greater than we've been told" when they're unsubstantiated. And I haven't seen any substantiation. I don't know how credible Hopsicker is, although he supposedly has worked for reputable mainstream news sources.

Bottom line: accepting for the moment that there has been no investigation of this obvious cluefest, I think you have to say it's somewhat suspicious.

Bottom line, me, I give it:

somewhat suspicioussomewhat suspicious


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