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Trillions unaccounted for at DoD


Apparently there was a huge financial scandal with the Pentagon having misplaced somewhere between 1 and 3 TRILLION dollars it can't account for and it seems part of the Pentagon that was destroyed had the financial records -- whoops, sorry guys, we'd like to sort out the scandal, but we can't, the files were destroyed. Guess we'll just have to forget all about it.

Source: Marrs, p. 375, and CBS News (cbsnews.com)


Well, a trillion dollars here and a trillion dollars there and pretty soon you're talking about some real money. This is certainly a monstrously large scandal in itself and it's pretty easy to imagine somebody wishing that the records could somehow be destroyed in some sort of convenient fiery inferno. But it's a bit of a kitchen-sinker -- did they just throw in the WTC then as an extra distraction? Or were they just trying to solve as many problems as possible since they were going to be blowing up a lot of stuff anyway? I don't know, it's an interesting point and worth looking into, but a bit too extraneous somehow. It just doesn't sound all that likely as a reason for September 11 when a few good sleazy lawyers could probably bury the tracks anyway.

Still, it's always good to have more evidence that the military are a bunch of corrupt thieving bastards. Except for the fine brave uniformed men and women who proudly serve under the mistaken impression they're working for the good guys.

Bottom line, me, I give it:

not very suspicious


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