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Commission report: investigative failures


There are more examples than I have the patience to type, but here are a few obvious ones to suggest the problem:
  • William Rodriguez, a heroic WTC worker who guided many people out of the North Tower and was the last person to exit before its collapse, testified before the Commission for hours, yet his eyewitness account of bombs exploding in the tower does not appear in the report anywhere. He repeatedly tried to talk to NIST investigators but was ignored; he contacted the FBI but they never followed up.

  • Fireman Louie Cacchioli also testified that he witnessed bombs going off in the WTC. His testimony is also ignored by the report, and he said he felt like he was on trial during his testimony.

  • FBI translator Sibel Edmonds rates only a minor footnote after hours of closed-door testimony embarrassing enough to the Administration to warrant giving her a gag order.

  • Softball questioning of Bush Administration people like John Ashcroft, during which blatant inconsistencies and apparent bald-faced lies were allowed to go unchallenged.

  • No mention in the report that some of the alleged hijackers are still alive.

  • No mention of the fact that the publicly released flight manifests do not contain any Arab names.

  • No mention of the collapse of Building 7.

Source: Marrs, p. 45-46, p. 158


I think it is possible that the Commission might have decided, for honest and defensible reasons, to leave out testimony that it deemed implausible, or redundant, or for some other good reason. They may have simply heard so much testimony that not all of it could be referenced in the report and that would have to be fair enough.

But we do seem to have a pattern here. Omissions like these fit the profile of a government more interested in putting out the story it wants history to accept than in vigorously investigating all possibilities. I'd say it's at least somewhat suspicious. It's what you'd expect of a commission made up of Bush cronies. I hold back on a couple of stars because I'm feeling stingy, and because in itself it is only indirect evidence of facilitation or complicity.

Bottom line, me, I give it:

somewhat suspicioussomewhat suspicious


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