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Uncooperative Administration


The Family Steering Committee lobbied the administration hard to establish an independent investigation that would achieve credible results. Initially anticipating that the Bush administration would share its goals, its members were extremely disappointed to find their efforts were obstructed every step of the way.

The administration stymied the efforts of the initial Joint Intelligence Congressional Inquiry as well as the efforts of the 9/11 Commission, according to the membership of those investigative bodies. Which is particularly appalling considering that the Commission was stacked as much as possible in the Administration's favor to begin with. So if they say it was bad, it was bad.

The Administration dragged its feet in supplying documents and employed various forms of procedural delay, while declaring many documents off-limits. When the Commission finally got Bush to agree to speak with them directly, it was under strict terms: Cheney had to be there, it was not under oath, no recordings could be made, no stenographers could be present, no notes could be shared with the victims' families.

Source: Marrs, p. 155-156; Kristen Breitweiser interview with Judy Woodruff, CNN


Fighting the investigation seems so stupid and cover-uppy that it almost makes you think it might not be so nefarious. It must be some simple, wrong-headed, bureaucratic thing. After all, nobody could be that stupid. Nobody could do such an obvious cover-up job and expect to get away with it.

Could they? Cuz the obvious thing would be that they're trying to cover up either profoundly serious failures, or actual involvement. Hmmm, it starts to sound extremely suspicious...

Bottom line, me, I give it:

extremely suspiciousextremely suspiciousextremely suspiciousextremely suspicious


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