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Shot down because passengers successful


Presuming for the sake of argument that flight 93 was shot down, the question becomes "why"? One possible reason would of course be that the government wanted to stop the plane from reaching its intended target. The passengers were going to die anyway, and the tough decision was made to shoot in order to minimize the tragedy. Then the tough decision was made to lie through the teeth about it.

But that assumes that the government was interested in stopping the attacks from succeeding. Much of the other evidence offered here and elsewhere of course suggests the exact opposite -- that we went out of our way not to have any fighter jets get in the way of these aircraft. So that leaves a couple of other possible explanations.

One, Flight 93 took off so late (about 40 minutes late) and so many events had already unfolded and so much time had gone by that by the time it got close to its destination, there really was not even the lamest of barely plausible excuses left for us not to shoot it down. The problem with that explanation is that there's also no plausible explanation for the other failures, so why stop here?

That leaves one other idea. That the plane was shot down not because the terrorists were going to hit a building, but because the passengers had taken over. Among the passengers were a professional pilot and a flight controller, so there was a pretty good chance the plane could have been landed safely if the passengers had managed to get control. If the plane was able to land, there would be live hijackers who could be questioned. Embarrassing and incriminating stuff might come out.

Source: Griffin, p. 50-55.


Well, there is physical evidence that makes it seem like the plane was certainly shot down, and this explanation is one that fits in with the rest of the theory about the government being in on the whole deal. Except that the live hijackers might not really have been much of a problem for the government, considering they've weathered trials of Saddam Hussein and Zacarias Moussaoui without earth-shaking testimony hitting the news. I'm sure they could have killed them and said 'oops' if it really came down to it. So to me it's kind of more plausible that the military pilots who were actually trying to do their jobs finally had enough time to shoot this one down despite the best efforts of the evil secretive forces of darkness, which presumes they didn't know the passengers were in charge.

But hey, it's somewhat suspicious, isn't it?

Bottom line, me, I give it:

somewhat suspicioussomewhat suspicious


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