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South tower first


The South Tower was the second tower hit. It had somewhat smaller fires than the North Tower and it burned for a shorter time, because it was hit nearer a corner and more of the jet fuel burned up outside the building in the huge fireball. Yet it was the first one to drop.

In the controlled demolition theory, the argument here is that the timing of the demolition was dependent upon the fires dying down. In other words, if the evil secret people are going to claim plausibly that the fires brought them down, then the latest they can pull the buildings is when the fires are really dying out. The fires died down first in the South Tower, and that's why it had to be pulled first, even though it otherwise didn't make physical sense.

Source: Griffin, p. 17-18.


The timing is certainly somewhat suspicious and it does make sense within the controlled demolition hypothesis. I'm sure defenders of the official story would say there must have been a localized intense fire just chewing away at an angle clip or something. On its own, the South Tower falling first is somewhat suspicious, but probably not the strongest evidence available.

Bottom line, me, I give it:

somewhat suspicioussomewhat suspicious


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