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Witnesses to explosions


Over 100 witnesses have testified that they heard and saw explosions at the World Trade Center immediately prior to and during the collapses. Such witnesses include John O'Neill, head of WTC security, who said he helped "dig out" survivors on the 27th floor before the collapse. Why did anyone have to be "dug out" over 50 stories below the plane impact?

Louie Cacchioli, Paul Isaac Jr., Dennis Tardio, Sue Keane, John Sudnik, Daniel Rivera, Stephen Gregory, Karin Deshore, Thomas Fitzpatrick, and Christopher Fenyo are among many firefighters and paramedics who say they heard and/or saw bombs exploding.

Teresa Veliz, who worked in the North Tower, said there were "explosions going off everywhere" as she escaped the building just before the collapse. Ross Milanytch watched from a nearby office building and saw "small explosions on each floor."

John Bussey, Wall Street Journal reporter, and Steve Evans, BBC reporter, both reported explosions.

Mike Pecoraro, WTC engineer working below ground level, heard a loud explosion, and found an entire machine shop turned to rubble. Heading upwards, he found a parking garage destroyed. Continuing upwards, he found the lobby in piles of rubble, all before the collapse. His account is confirmed by William Rodriguez, who also worked in the basement, who speaks of massive explosions in the WTC sub-basement.

The stories go on and on.

Source: Marrs, p. 39-50, and see 911research.wtc7.net/wtc/evidence/oralhistories/explosions.html


I keep trying to stay balanced here, thinking that, OK, sure, it sounded like bombs, the freaking building was falling down, it would probably sound like bombs. How many of these people know what a bomb sounds like anyway?

But no. There are so many stories with specific details that match so well with what controlled demolitions do. Let's get serious here. There were bombs. Carefully placed explosives brought down the towers.

Bottom line, me, I give it:

extremely suspiciousextremely suspiciousextremely suspiciousextremely suspicious


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